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Debbi Becker – Visual Artist
Artist Statement:

Even though I have mastered a wide variety of mediums during my career, (oil, acrylic, collage, water color and drawing) I have moved towards creating artwork with a variance of materials, which allows me to develop the widest range of possibilities for personal expression, revelation and spiritual connection, which may not be commonly identified in symbols or rhetoric.

I have always had a significant attraction to the Abstract Expressionist period which has deeply connected with my spirit.

I also continue to describe myself as a “message” artist because I am keenly aware of social and environmental issues that surround us and seek to articulate how I perceive them.   In my new studio in Virginia my relationship to nature has evolved significantly.

My personal satisfaction comes from the thoughtful commentary my work evokes as well as spreading the message of getting in touch with your inner spirit through the process of creativity.

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