Debbi Becker – Artist
Artist Statement:

I instantly gravitated to the word “ALCHEMY” as the title of my body of work because of the nature of its meaning and how perfectly I believe it describes what I create. I use two distinct approaches which often compliment, each other and work interchangeably. For example, I may use scientific applications in my variance of mediums, however, what evolves from these applications, through a meditative process, involves my relationship to my spiritual state which enables me to ultimately transform my material and mediums into my concept of a panacea of enlightenment and inner revelations.  Even though I have mastered a variety of mediums during my career, I have gravitated to collage, mixed media and abstract art which allows me to develop the widest range of possibilities for this personal expression which may not be commonly identified in symbols or rhetoric.


I am constantly looking at the world through the eye of a seeker and an artisan, therefore, I start creating by using those visions, along with a variance of mediums ( such as photos, treated paper, words, fragments and paint) that I then weave with abandon into the message or inner revelation. The surface I use to transmute these materials on is either paper or another harder surface. My textual imagery may contain multiple layers or symbols and often cryptic messages. The result is my internal alchemy which transforms these combined items into a piece of art that comes from my personal life experiences, struggles, feelings, spiritual philosophy and sometimes social issues I want to articulate through my work.


My personal satisfaction comes from the thoughtful commentary my work evokes as well as spreading the message of getting in touch with your inner spirit through the process of creativity.